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Dr. Natalia Wiechowski 

At twenty-nine, at the peak of Dr. Natalia’s corporate career and deep unhappiness, she quit her job and started from scratch. 

During a nine-month sabbatical she changed the way she thinks, speaks and acts. She committed to design her purposeful dream life and founded Think Natalia

Her obsession is coachsulting people who left corporate to do their own thing: Coaches, consultants, trainers, authors, keynote speakers, photographers and other experts from companies like IBM, SAP, Bosch, Nestle, Microsoft or Coca Cola. People who want to build an international, sustainable and purposeful thought leadership personal brand on LinkedIn. Individuals who want to become the voice of their niche, get more clients and have a positive impact on the world. 

Natalia’s aim

To develop resp. bring together a tribe of one million (out of the box) thinkers and doers who do not only challenge but also change the status quo. “Who want to be the change they wish to see in the world.” Mahatma Gandhi 

Dr. Natalia consults and speaks globally, comes from Hanover (Germany) and lives in Dubai. She edutained on conferences and events like Women In Leadership Economic Forum (United Arab Emirates), SAP Now (Slovenia), Digital Enterprise Show (Spain), Digital Takeover HR (Croatia), Marketingoffensive (Germany), Masters of LinkedIn Summit (USA), LinkedIn Local Warszawa (Poland) and DTAC (Bahrain). 

She started as a Social Scientist, turned into a Dr. of Philosophy, a “LinkedIn Marketing Unicorn” (Inc. magazine), a Forbes Coaches Council Member, “Top Expert” (Erfolg magazine), a LinkedIn Learning author and the Middle East’s leading Edutainer

Books, food, exploring new places, self-improvement, music, dance, stuff that glitters, unicorns and ticking things off her to-do-list make her happy. 

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