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Betty Lynn Stoops Keynote Speaker on Adriatic Business Forum
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Bettylynn Stoops

Betty Lynn Stoops is an experienced Leader-Teacher influencer with more than 36 years of executive leadership transforming and leading projects and teams to successful outcomes. She who leads and breathes transformation and challenges CEO’s and their teams to move from the status quo to authentic leadership. An author of a book Awesomeness Now and master coach, workshop leader and consultant who shares her wisdom, power and discipline to engage the essence of the client as they willingly release barriers to greatness with gratitude and grace.

Bettylynn holds an MBA from Ottawa University School of Business specializing in strategic growth leadership in management, leadership and motivation. Her purpose

is to lead, teach and inspire all who want to galvanize

teams to understand relevance, influence and authentic value in the 21st century. 

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